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I got them through the club for my mother. Set me back 350 for 2 tickets just side of the stage. Ouch. It's only giving me seats way back in the rafters now as I'm looking to buy a few to eBay. The floor tickets are gone (at least the presale allotted amount) but if you want to drop me an e-mail I'd be happy to send you over a password.

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Went to get the tickets this morning. They randomly choose the order of the line and I was about 70th of 250 people. After the first 12 people in line the concert was sold out. But a second concert date was announced so there was still hope but after the next 14 people in line it was sold out. Obviously there were people all over BC in lines to get these tickets and on the internet and on the phone. I stayed in line in hopes of a third date but it was unlikely. So I snuck out of the line to the ticket booth to get tickets to the seattle concert but they sold out after 3 minutes of being on sale. I waited and a second date for seattle was announced, I bought 8 tickets for 1200 dollars. Only need 2, but i'll sell the other 6 on Ebay. I was worried I wasn't gonna get tickets, I'm so happy now.

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I'm leaving for my summer job on the 27th so I didn't even have the chance to catch any of the Vancouver dates...But after the first Seattle show sold out in like 8 seconds, I got a few tickets to the second Seattle show ;) nosebleed seats for the low low price of $95 US.

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yeah, the first show here sold out in 6 minutes, and the second sold out in 4


shows the amount of fans here




i got 8 tickets for the first show at 165 apiece, and 5 for the second at the same price


last time i was at a concert was during the elevation tour


this will be my 3rd and 4th U2 concerts


its gonna be awesome


anyways, i bet they'll open with Vertigo... used to be Elevation, but Vertigo has the same raw energy, so i bet that that will be the opener


i'd like to hear your guys' thoughts though

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I was at the McPherson in Victoria yesterday with two of my friends to strategize our ticket-buying procedure. One of them was near the front of the line, I was at the back, and the other was about midway between us. This was because of the random draw that they had going on so as to discourage scalpers from camping out all night.


The number drawn was 48 and my friend at the front of the line had 58. There was about 200 people in line. Everyone who had numbers 1-47 went to the back of the line, so we were 10th in line, as he was buying all of our tickets for us.


This is where the stupidity kicks in. They had only ONE till open and the chick there had no idea what she was doing. GA had sold out as soon as the first person in line came out. People were trying to pick specific seats, which is utter stupidity, while they were disappearing. By the time my friend was about two people away from the till, the first show had completely sold out.


They added the second one but they were still going disgustingly slow. I work in the service industry and I know bullshit service when I see it. Luckily, one friend and I got seats together in section 306, row 7 and the other one got a single across the stadium from us. I imagine that they didn't even get to the 15th person in line before they sold out.


I couldn't believe it, but i'm glad I got tickets. As long as I can take decent pictures i'm happy with anywhere. Hell, I was front row center for radiohead so I guess it'll be good to just sit back a bit this time.


And they'd better open with 'Love And Peace Or Else', because I can't think of a better song to open with.


'Vertigo' should be the second song.

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Seems everyone bought tickets to sell on eBay for profit.


Sucks, because a lot of fans weren't able to get tickets because of that.


*grumbles because she didn't get tickets* ;)

I agree, the true fans that tried to buy tickets will be stuck buying them from the shit ebay scalpers.

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