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S.E. Hardy

The Ballad Of Jack And Rose

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I saw it recently. First of all, I must say that I' a huge Daniel Day-Lewis fan, and he *did not* disappoint. He was absolutely amazing as "jack". It's probably one of his best performances, and thats saying something...because he's Daniel Day-Lewis! I've also been a fan of Paul Dano for quite some time; every since I saw L.I.E. His role is small, but he does a good job with it. I like how he doesn't really seem like the cliche'd "bad boy". Oh and new-comer Ryan Mcdonald was simply briliant. I wasn't expecting much since I'd never heard of him; but I must say I was blown away by his performance. Catherine Keener was good, as always, although I have never been a huge fan of hers. The only disappointment in the cast was Camilla Belle, who played "Rose". She was *aweful*. I seriously don't know how Daniel was so good opposite her, because some of her acting was so bad that it made me laugh.

Now onto the plot. The movie started off great, beautiful scenery, interesting story...however it quickly falls into this clichee'd, overly dramatic, silly teen rampage. Some of the scenes were so unrealistic that I found myself thinking about the film on a fantasy level, rather than reality. Granted it does have it's redeeming qualities, such as a scene with jack and a builder and a dinner table. I'm not sorry I saw it, because as I said I was blown away by Daniel,and discovered new-comer Ryan, but over all this is a highly flawed film, with beautiful scenery and great acting (for the most part).

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