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i heard old modest mouse stuff before and hated it...still kind of do. I have Sirius and they were playing some of the other tracks, not just float on, so i kind of got an album preview that way..purchased..and i must say i am pleasantly surprised.

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I got hooked on them ever scense i heard Perfect Disguise on the CBC Galaxie satalite music thingy...


After that i downloaded a couple of other random tracks (not that im supporting downloading music here) and i must say there a kick ass band. I esspeciualy like Dranamine (sp?)


I havent heard much of there new stuff but float on is a wonderfull track...i dont know why these guys wernt big a couple of years ago

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i've resurrected this thread because i've been listening to their latest album good news for people who love bad news for four straight days and i've fallen in love with it.


a few songs on it don't really appeal to me, like dance hall or bukowski, but blame it on the tetons, ocean breathes salty, float on, the world at large, bury me with it and just about every other song are absolutely amazing.


it's easily the best album of 2004, in my opinion.


there are a few lyrics in some of the songs that just blow my mind.


ocean breathes salty - you wasted life why wouldn't you waste death.

bury me with it - we were shooting at a mound of dirt, well nothing was broken and nothing was hurt.

blame it on the tetons - no my dog won't bite you. though it had the right to. go and give her credit, cuz she knows i would've let happen.

all those eager actors gladly taking credit. for the lines created by the people tucked away from sight.

and my favourite line of the moment;

everyone's a building burning. with no one to put the fire out. starring at the window looking out. waiting for time to burns us down.


if you haven't already, i encourage you to buy the album, or if you must download a track off kazaa or whatever you use to download music illegally.

everyone's a

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When I was first listening to Moon & Antartica I found Brock's voice annoying, but it grows on you. It sounds a little different on 'Good News..'. Good News... is my favourite album of 2004'. 'Satin in a Coffin' and 'The Good Times are Killing Me' are also damn good.

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Yeah his voice really does take some getting used to.


Gee, Dance Hall and Bukowski are two of my favourites on the album. Go figure.

They're growing on me. I used to skip over them, and now I don't.

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