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Which Do You Like Best

what song(from audio of being) is your favourite  

102 members have voted

  1. 1. what song(from audio of being) is your favourite

    • Man Of Action
    • Carmelina
    • Tripoli
    • Advertising On Police Cars
    • I, The Throw Away
    • Truffle Pigs
    • Fall Of Man
    • Under The Influence
    • Rat Who Would Be King
    • Anti-Pop
    • Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production
    • Sort Of A Protest Song

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Yeah, I replied to one of this dude's polls before I realized that they bordered on spam. Honestly, just post meaningful stuff.


And if you're gonna do a poll, it better be a damn good one.

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I think it's funny how Carmelina didn't get any votes

Considering it got radio time and stuff , but oh well , if you hear it to many times in a row it gets on your nerves so that's probably why

Sort Of A Protest Song is definatly one of the best songs MGB ever put out


"I was made by the Taiwaniese in Taiwan" God Damn it
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Truffle Pigs was definately my favourite, I think it's a really pretty song musically, not so much lyrically, and I'm kind of pleased with Carmelina getting no votes, it's the only Matt Good song I've actually ever hated.

Sort of a Protest Song comes second, Advertising on Police Cars and Tripoli comes somewhere after.

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Still think this is one of, if not THE greatest album i have ever heard. love every track on the album, but favourite is Advertising On Police cars. just think it's incredible.


other clear favs are


Truffle Pigs


Under The Influence

The Rat Who Would Be King

Sort Of A Protest Song (abslutely brilliant)

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