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If you live in the states, it's airing daily on TBS.


Me being in Canada am deprived and after searching the web thoroughly found a newsgroup that posts the episodes of the show (in very high quality). I'm downloading the show as it airs daily and have so far burned half of Season 1 to DVD.


Probably the most underrated show on television in recent years, shame it ended so early.

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The episodes I've been downloading are 900mb, 480x480 resolution in MPG format (SVCD format). I've been re-enocded each one after downloading to 420mb, 352x240 resolution in MPG format (VCD Format). It allows me to fit 10 episodes to each disc. Takes about 2-2.5 hours to download each episode, but if you have a faster connection, it's possible to get like 700k/sec over newsgroups.


if you want some more info go to http://www.stuckeybowl.net click Message Board on the right-hand side and then go into the "Pro Shop".

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I'm so miffed that the shows are being run in the states. The guide on my tv says we're supposed to be getting it, but they are still running dawsons creek for the 100th time. I rarely watch tv, but absolutely adored Ed. It was smart, witty and charming. I cried when it was over. lol. Anyways, just wanted to say I love Ed and here's to hoping the Canadian stations wise up. Cheers



10$ if you only say "burger me" when the waitress comes over to take your order! 10$ bets were friggin genius. haha!

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Actually, what us Canadians get instead of Ed is a combo of The Steve Harvey Show and Cosby. Lame.


Apparently it has to do with rights issues, TBS wanted to air it in Canada but it would cost them likes ten times as much.


You should download them since who knows if there'll ever be a DVD release. I'm quite enjoying revisiting all these classic episodes I haven't seen in years. Season 1 was glorious.

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