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Matthew Good Wikipedia Article

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It was better when it told the truth.


Ie. Matt took his blog down because he argued with kids on the internet

Yeah, cause that crap's relevant to an "encyclopedia" article.


I'm sure in Encyclopedia Britannica under Douglas MacArthur it says:


"General MacArthur was an egotistical asshole, and yet was too much of a pussy to press into North Korea to wipe out the Communists during the Korean Conflict."


/latter part = obscure reference?

//sam kinison rules



Someone completly re-did it.

Better? Worse?

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An encyclopedia should stick to the facts. Matt didn't take his Blog down due to any other reason, right?

But that wording's not "factual" - it's harsh to both Matt and the kids. (Even if they both might deserve it.) If you were doing it for an objective article, the most accurate description would be something like:


"Good took down his blog in January of 2005 after struggling with dissenting opinions posted in the comments section of his entries. A later private blog was removed the next month following similar incidents on his wife's blog."


Note the wording. It neither condones nor criticizes either Matt or the people who posted those comments. It simply says what happened. (Sorry if that sounds kinda "know-it-all"-ish.)


Worth adding? I don't think so. Most of the blog drama reads like gossip, completely unnecessary to the general audience looking for information about Matt.

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