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Canadian Clobbers Coulter

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Don't know that anyone has seen these videos yet. I'm sure you remember a while ago when matt posted this video on the now-defunct Mblog.




Infuriating, to say the least. Well, we can now take a deep breath in our polite indignation (it knows no bounds).





Don't be swayed against the Michael Moore addresses. These are from the CBC's Fifth Estate, where Bob McKeown exposes Bill O'reilly's blatant on-air lies, and hands Ann Coulter's ass to her in person.


Enjoy. There's a more detailed story on my blog, link posed below.

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lol I'm only part way through the first one but I see a lot of errors in what the yankes were saying.


Its completly BS that the US thinks we need them more than they need us.


I loved the one person who said that 85% of our forgien trade is w/ the US which is LIE. But as the one lady said in the second VID while the US is our biggest trading partner but we are thiers as well.


The other big thing the yankes should remember Canadian oil reserves are larger than the entire middle east.


So they're going to need us even more in the next little while.


Oh and with beef, I read a report a few months ago talking about how w/ the border being closed beef trade with Europe had gone up dramatically. But of course Europe wasnt buy any more beef than they were before, they were just buying canadian beef instead of yanke beef.

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I've noticed a bit of a difference between right and left wing pundits. The right-wingers seem to be a lot like the snobbish popular kids in high school (Coulter, the "slut" who puts all out, for example), whereas the left-wingers tend to be the nerds and the fat kids who got picked on (Michael Moore and Al Franken, for example).

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