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American Dad

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I thought it was actually funny, considering I was expecting it to be whoring out all the jokes from Family Guy.


I really liked the part with God on the phone, "Hold on, I've got a call on the other line, it's Cheney, I've got to take this. *goes to other line* Yes, Sir?"

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Some of it was funny, but the best part for me was before "God" cut to Cheney when he said something like:

God:"George could you downplay our relationship?"

George W. Bush:"What do you mean?"

God:"Well like when you say "God wanted you to be president", could you downplay that?..."

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Are you kidding? I like this how but love arrested development.


FOX has cut the order for Arrested Development for this season (it's speculated that this season will go from 22 episodes to 17) so they can air American Dad in its timeslot (those idiots are labelling American Dad a success because its pilot got big ratings, not taking into account the only reason it got big ratings is because it had the fucking Super Bowl as its lead-in).


According to David Cross (Tobias) they've already shut down production on the show. Rumours are all over the place that the show will be cancelled all together in the next few days.


To my knowledge, no show has gone from having their order trimmed to having a full season the following year.


It's also the first time that a show that won the Outstanding Comedy Series award at the Emmys will be cancelled in the following year.


Even the writers admit American Dad was created to fill the Family Guy gap (which is why its a shameless rip-off). With FG coming back, this show really is unnecessary.


FOX is retarded.

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I didn't bother to stay up after the superbowl, but i really want to see it. Will the pilot be re-airing?


I was scared because the Fish and the alien might be too much like Brian and Stewie, and it being a FG rip off...


I cannot wait for new FG either way!!!

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