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They are often branded as a one hit wonder because the single In the Meantime was really their only big hit, and big it was. But they've had a few more singles and there non-single material is some of the most playable music I've ever heard. Someone other than me must own an album or two.

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In The Mean Time is a kickass song!


But as a general rule, 1 song isn't enough to make me want to buy an album. That is if its not MG (hes put out enough good stuff that I can be fairly certain a new record will be worth it)


What are title of other good tracks from them


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thats so weird! i almost made a spacehog thread last night and then here it is the next day.


anyways i absolutly love spacehog, resident alien and the hogyssey i can listen to straight through. I dont have the chinse album though. I do think they are underrated and/or perhaps people just for some reason cant appreciate their music

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havent you ever read about where they got their name from?

theres some place in seattle that theyre named after..

i've never seen it.. as you've never seen a spacehog. who are we to dismiss it?

"the soundgarden" is a sculpture in seattle.

sculpture, place.. same thing



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I just got the Chinese Album the other day. For those of you who owned and liked the other two, I think you'd find that this is easily not their best work, but still has some great stuff on it nonetheless. Some parts of this CD really make me recognize how talented they could be, which makes me regret that they no longer exist. That is all.


I'm sorry for bumping this.

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