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Primus is, I think, one of the best bands out there, ever. Aside from the obvious fact that Les Claypool is an amazing bass player, their two best albums "Sailing The Seas of Cheese" and "Frizzle Fry" are islands of originality.

No one sounds like Primus, save a select few that came after. Incubus' first album reeks of Primus. Their new[ish] DVD, "Hallucino-Genetics" is spectacular, and I'm going to pick up their latest Audio recording today ("Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People"). Does anyone have it already? How is it? I'm just getting back into them, and I forgot how good they really are.

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I'm back, and have the new album in hand. I warn against using "new" to describe it too. Its new in the sense that Its the original lineup for the first time in a looong time, but it came out in 03. It's allright on first listen, thoguh it does sound a little too much like that Oysterhead-hippie crap that Anastasio had Les full of for a while. Not like the old stuff, but one track, "my friend fats" is pretty cool. It's a bit spacier than the old stuff.

I've yet to watch the accompanying DVD though. I'll let you know.

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The Primus DVD accompanying the "Animals should not..." CD is great - better than the Cd, though that's growing on me now too - I recommend you check that out too. Lots of Reeealy old videos, plus a vid from Woodstock 94, where they play "my name is mud" and get pelted with mud from the pit, just like greenday did in the "when I come around" video. Les's reaction is priceless.

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