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Mgb Greatest Hits Or B-side Album?

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personally I still want to get some sort of hard copy of the rodchester kings (history teacher) collection. A best of would be nice to fill in my collection a little better, but i want some meat,.....not filler.

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The greatest hits record is due out in September.

the rock radio station here in my city plave area of township where i live said that it was due out in december. they played load me up, i was surprised my sister allowed me to listen to it, (she's a big time wigger and a control freak) and then they talked about it.

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I'd like to see him release an album called "greatest hits" but have it be a compilation of b-sides.


It just might be crazy enough to work.


EDIT: is there any place i can read about the greatest hits thing?

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Now that would be a dream come true. Him doing commentary over them would be even better. Maybe the unreleased early vid could be put on it as well.

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singles. The label puts this stuff together, I wouldn't be surprised if he had no input on this.


I'm guessing it'll be most the MGB singles + a couple of other tracks from the MGB albums + Pony Boy & All Together. If they're feeling really ambitious, maybe they'll have him film a video for Pony Boy.

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