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Thoughts On 'the Office' Christmas Special?

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I find it to be quite glorious. It was really created to give some closure to the Tim/Dawn storyline more than anything else. But it definitely had some hilarious moments on top of moments where you genuinely feel bad for Brent (the part where he gets the beer thrown at him in the austin powers costume was particularly pathetic).


And perhaps I'm the only one, but I find Series 2 to be funnier than Series 1 (although it's still fantastic).

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"I was waiting for a blind date and i was worried you were it"


fucking awesome. the x-mas specials arent as good as the first two seasons, but i like the closure to the series. everyone should see this show.


I understand there is gonna be an american version of the show starring whats his name who was on the daily show and Anchorman. Steve Carrall? I think thats it. Hope they dont butcher it.

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