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Is Matt Finished With Music

do you think matt will release another album?  

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  1. 1. do you think matt will release another album?

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Why is it that some people are assuming Matt may be through with music. Where was this said, he may be pissed of at the moment, but i doubt he would give up music because of it...

Well, he was going to be done after Avalanche, but Jenn convinced him otherwise.


And awhile ago, he said he will release a best of, and that will be it.


But, he has said he was done before, so only time will tell

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But he brought back the blog...and then ppl had to go off and insult him again..

That's exactly my point. He said he was finished with the blog, then he brought it back. So he said he's finished with music....


Make sense now? And yeah, people will criticize his next album and it'll piss him off too. I just hope for the sake of those people that still enjoy his music he can be a big boy and shake it off. Do because he wants to and his fans want it.

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I really dont' want to suggest he is done, and i really don't hope he is. But the possibility IS there. SOmeone said that 10 years in the industry is good...I agree very much.

Out of most active musicians today, he has one of the most interesting and song filled pasts. He has done so much.!

there is always a time when you have to say "enough is enough" . I can tell he's thinking about it, but he might just have some more tricks up his sleeve and suprise us with more musical genius.


no matter what he does, I will always consider him a musical magician.

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the idea of matt being done with music makes my stomach feel like its eating itself....i don't really like modern music and don't know where i'll turn if i can't look forward to new matt good!! oh my god!


well... i guess it's one of those unsolvable things right now--he was ready to walk away when MGB broke up...but he didn't...he may be ready to walk away form being a "professional" musician...but you know...he may release little things here and there?? i don't know....ugh this whole business has got my brain doing somersaults....


i really hope this isn't the last we've seen...even if we have to wait....i'm willing to wait...damn i wonder if the acoustic tour is out of the question...i was getting my hopes up...

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well the time between when the band broke up and weapon came out stuff was pretty subdued and what not, and i think it will end up being something along the lines of that, i think we may not even know he is making an album when he is, and wont hear anything til weeks before its released. he always said he couldnt give up writing music.

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being that he is in extremely creative and talented songwriter and artist, i cant see him ever packing up and calling it quits. as long as he has something to say im sure he'll be writing about it. and i cant ever see him being without words. im sure he will always be making music, weather he releases on a label or on his own.

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Attempting to give a shit...




Please wait...






Then sod off.



What I meant to say was:


I'm happy with the music that Matt's already put out (WLRRR excluded except for a couple of tracks.) If he were to put out another record, it wouldn't really be of any consequence to me, unless he puts out an amazing record devoid of any pretense, much plagiarism and relevant to today.


The chances of that happening?

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musicians are always saying theyre done with music and then they put out more

who knows?

he could say he was done and then put out something else.. no one knows but him, and speculating about it isnt gonna make it happen faster so JUST SHUT UP GAWDDDDDD!!11



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