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Queens Of The Stone Age

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Last I heard this band broke up. But alas they have released "Lullaby's that Paralyze" and it includes some really good tracks. They are touring Canada soon and the show in winnipeg sold out, and now I'm outta luck.


Any other fanboys of QOSTA?

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they never broke up they just got rid of nick

pay attention

Lousy radio station said they were breaking up. Then I heard that they're coming here. I banged my head on the wall a few times and everything felt better.



radio stations are so dumb


you should listen to eagles of death metal, if you like qotsa

theyre so fun ;)

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Meh they're too cookie cutter.

Why listen to them when I could listen to one of the multitude of other bands that sound exactly like em?

Have you even heard their self titled Debut Album? Or the Follow-up, Rated R?

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