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What Is The Best Mp3/music Player Out There?

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Hey guys, here is a question for you. I have close to 4,000 mp3's on my comp and was looking for a player that I can sort them all and play them that works well, right now I just use windows media player and click on them or make a playlist, but if there is something better out there then im all for it


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winamp is probably your best bet.


it doesn't take up the whole screen like some players might, it's incredibly easy to figure it all out (the basics, anyway), the player itself has great sound (you might notice a difference in the sound of your mp3s being played in winamp vs your old program, once you play with the equalizer) and you can change it's format to suit your needs.


i've used it for years now, and haven't found anything better.

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Winamp is all right. I used to use it. Now I'm addicted to foobar2000 (made by a former Winamp plugin developer). The forums for it are here.


This program takes up low amounts of system resources, supports lots of formats (more than you probably even know about), has tabbed playlists (I use it to quickly switch between albums), native gapless playback (so you can play Dark Side of the Moon, for example, all the way through without pauses between the tracks, assuming you ripped it to a gapless format), very handy masstagging (useful for tagging all songs from the same artist/album at once), and a bunch of other useful features.


foobar2000 has a fairly steep learning curve. However, if you get used to it, I can practically guarantee you won't want another player.

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Most of the time there is always going to be something better, but that is 1. if you are able to afford it/ get your hands on it & 2. if you can really be bothered getting of your arse and getting it, when what you got already does the job.


I don't sit on the computer and listen to music a great deal. I burn cds and listen through my stereo instead.

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