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the haiku game

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(dan i think the secret is out)


beware our love child,

boondanimal it's name

it shall eat your child


anton, and the amazing technicolor mouse pad

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singing some show tunes (alliteration BAM)

covered in contact cement

what a waste of time


tap dancing in lava, with a cocktail umbrella

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heinrich von speedrick

one very gifted giraffe

who plays patty-cake


sex is more fun than logic in the same manor mount everest is, and elmer coghan isnt

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Gettin' my freak on.

This beats Everest any day.

Elmer can eat me.



it's gonna be like that huh?



next topic: the route a caterpillar walks up a tree trunk while contemplating the summer solstice during a freak thunderstorm that's raining octopus fetuses.

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Climbing up the tree...

Walking through the fetuses

Gonna smell later...


Best i could come up with....


next topic: Buying a Coffee Crisp in a convinence store with a black ski mask on

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