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Pauly Shore Is Dead

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EDIT: "Pauly Shore Is Dead" is a new movie that was written, directed, produced and acted by Pauly Shore.


In this mockumentary, Pauly Shore becomes depressed due to his dwindling acting career and fakes his own death. He instantly becomes the hottest thing in Hollywood -- until he comes out of hiding. An angry public then turns on him and throws him in prison, where his acting education really begins.<credit: movies.yahoo.com>


I rented this flick the other day not expecting much, but with the good cast, great cameos, and boobies I can honestly give this movie a rating of 3.5 out of 5.


Check it out.

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How much nudity are we talkin' here?

Pauly is jacka-lackin to a porno and you see some boobies. Maybe 40 seconds in total. Plus he's talking to the girl on the video over the phone (an ex gf).

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