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Lastest entry at toolband.com. Havn't visited this site for a long while.


14 Feb 05



Evidently, the golden bowl of Jelly Belly’s in Tool’s rehearsal space is running low, because while dining on Indian cuisine the other night at the Bollywood Café, Danny told me that they’d knocked out another song that very afternoon. In describing it, he mentioned something or other about Maynard’s vocals – something that he seemed excited about, although to be perfectly honest, I really don’t remember what it was. At the time I was content with my papadam and glasses of Taj Mahal. From what he said about the timing and chord structure, however, this piece sounded like the song Adam played unplugged for Vidal last March in Havana as we sat on the balcony of a casa particulare (after eating those mysterious hamburguesas near Cementerio de Colon). I could have asked AJ, who was sitting at the other end of the table, but, at the time, he appeared to be enjoying his papadam and various exotic condiments as well, so, instead, I changed the subject and talked to Danny about Collodi’s Pinocchio.


After sampling several curries and another large Taj Mahal, I popped a green opal (an Icelandic pastille) and headed with the others to a nearby pub that we’ll call the “Slug and Lettuce” for some pints of Old Peculiar ale. While sipping the treacley stuff (molasses?), Camella mentioned something about the song being “heavy” – either that or she was talking about the Theakstons. You might be as horrified as a puffin at Porrablot (even if not among the delicacies on the menu), but I really don’t remember which it was. So, perhaps I should pay a visit to the loft tomorrow to have a listen for myself, and to see exactly how many of those new-fangled jelly beans are left in the golden bowl.


Some Tool enthusiasts might be happy to know that, in order to meet their self-imposed deadline for finishing material for the new record, the members of the band will be working on Valentine’s Day and the more heathen Roman Feast of Lupercalia, with writing/arranging sessions going well into what Milton called “the palpable obscure.” So, while some of you ladies are picking through your beribboned boxes of confectionery, Godiva or otherwise, with strawberries enrobed in chocolate and flutes of sparkling French champagne to be sipped ‘neath the waxing crescent - all because Claudius the Cruel had Saint Valentine beheaded - remember who is working hard to create more of those “chromatic tortures” that pierce the aeythrs in your bedroom. Therefore, any sightings of band members tonight only proves that their Doppelgangers also have lady friends and don’t suffer from, what has been called, the deficiency of Venus.




I'm liking the sound of "heavy".

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