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Too bad kiddies. The brutal truth in the end is, a large amount of MG fans (myself included) will always look at him as having an ego the size of Canada.


Maybe one day i'll meet him and he'll prove me wrong.

















But then he'll probably join a message board and start calling his fans idiots because they don't agree with him.

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Rich being gone now just depresses me. Whether or not he contributed a lot to the music doesn't matter to me, he was the man and a cool guy and representative of what I think was a better time in Matt's music (IE MGB).


Now it's more like Bruce Springsteen after he ditched the E-Street Band and put a bunch of strangers up on stage with him rather than Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band.

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favorites.1# matthew Good

2# pat steward

3# chris

4# rich

So no big deal for me.I have talked with Matt, Pat and Chris on more then one occation.Never Rich,I have tried to ask for an autograph but he just walked away.I also think as mention before he really never brought much to the table,I think Matt just kept him around all this time cause they were friends.

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my friend once told rich that she thought he was a dirty perv. he was hiding under some stairs spying on people at a show.


but my story can't be anything near as glorious as the ones dirty could tell, i'm sure.


also, sucks that he's gone but he seems like a swell guy. i'm sure he'll find something to do.

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