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I Am Going To Loverboy Today!

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Okay, someone explain to me how a band like Loverboy, on their 25th anniversary tour, can afford to NOT PLAY 'THE KID IS HOT TONIGHT'?!

Not even in the encore. Turn Me Loose, Workin' for the Weekend, Lovin' Every Minute Of It, do they even have any other hits? How did they manage to play for 2 hours? Gah! I just wanted one song!


I cannot believe it...how disappointing. There's always Trooper I guess...

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I could never see loverboy, if only because when they played "Turn me Loose" I'd picture that big, juicy, spinning Whopper from the ad they sold that song to.

Oh yeah, I can see it...I've gotta have it my way or no way at all...Big think juicy beef...thats my way. Turn me loose, so I can go sink my teeth into that delicious burger. I wanna fly..straight to burger king..oh thats a tasty burger.


Picture it. That must be what that song must be about. Why else would they sell the song to BK? You agree with me.

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