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Matt Good Collection

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Aside from his album releases, what Matthew Good collectibles & other cool stuff do ya'll own?


I have the yellow soccer jersey, the black audio of being T-shirt, the white T with the soccer ball logo, some blue MGB stickers & guitar pics....the soccer patch....a signed copy of "At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say", some Australian only release singles from Beautiful Midnight....that's about it I think.


How about you guys?

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Because of geography and ineptness I didn't get into Matt until AoB came out. And I only own Avalanche-era shirts.


The "Villain of the Year" shirt and the Avalanche tour shirt with the band in black and white on the front are all I've got.


Any idea where I can get some MGB-era shirts?

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i have every official musical release (aside from LoFi), and i have mp3's of at least one version of every one of his songs. i have about 30 different songs live, and i have a AOB poster, a WLRARR poster. i have an avalanche miniposter dealy, an Avalanche T, and a Matthew Good band Football Club shirt. I have that patch set, and a few pins.


I am probably forgetting something.

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Boredom requires that I type this out. Ugh. You know you have nothing else to do when….

We’ll start with apparel:

-MGBFC white ringer with the Strikers Logo

-MGBFC Strikers logo baby tee

-MGB “Freezing Our Asses Off Tour” shirt

-MGBFC grey/maroon ringer with round soccer logo

-Blue MGBFC soccer logo hoodie

-Blue “Gunman” t-shirt

-Silver Soccer jersey with patch

-Avalanche hoodie (my favorite piece of clothing)

-WLRRR Air force t-shirt

-WLRRR Zipper hoodie


-“15 Hours” Demo Cassette

-All commercial releases, including:

-Raygun Cardboard Sleeve

-Underdogs Promo Advance

-Lo-Fi B-Sides

-Beautiful Midnight Promo Advance

-2 copies of Loser Anthems (I started out with 6, but sold the rest)

-3 sealed copies in 3 different colours of the Limited AOB





-HTB (Canadian, American, and Australian)

-Strange Days

-Load Me Up


-Near Fantastica

-Alert Status Red

Posters. (I am a Poster Whore.)

-Underdogs Promo (double sided)

-Beautiful Midnight Canadian Tour/Promo (double sided)

-Beautiful Midnight American Tour Poster

-Beautiful Midnight American promo flat

-AOB Promo poster (double sided)

-Avalanche Promo poster (double sided)

-Avalanche tour poster

-2 WLRRR Tour Posters (double sided)

-CJAY 92 Presents: WLRRR @ Cowboys (signed)

-Put Out Your Lights Tour Poster


-Black Market Surgery (American Edition, signed)

-At Last There is Nothing Left to Say (1st Edition)

-Missing Stories Insomniac Press booklet #294

-1 MGBFC Strikers patch

-1 MBGFC soccer patch (round)

-4 MGBFC soccer patches (crest)

-2 MGB clothing labels

-2 MGB “skater logo” US stickers

-2 “Trust Us” stickers

-3 “Trust Us” Candies

-2 AOB Post card stickers

-2 Avalanche Stickers

-2 WLRRR stickers

-2 WLRRR postcards

-12 WLRRR Buttons

-12 MGBFC soccer Buttons (home made…I used to give them away)


I’ve been collecting since '97. Some of the more difficult to find stuff wasn’t so difficult to find as little as five years ago. I got my demo cassette in a dutch auction on eBay. Most of my posters were gifts from record store employee friends, or pulled off walls at concerts. The point of this little blurb is that you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to find cool stuff, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and having a few connections. A good American friend of mine applied to be a street preacher through Atlantic Records. She saved a couple of the posters and stickers, and then sent me a package at Christmas that year, and much to my surprise, included the book as well.


Some of the things I’m still looking for: Everything is Automatic, Carmelina, Anti-Pop, and Weapon singles. The Canadian BMS is elusive, and so are the other demo cassettes. But it’s not as big a deal to me as it was when I was still in high school. Collections can be fun…mine verged into an unhealthy obsession at 16. Oh well, my office is now nicely covered in Matt’s mug. Anyhow, that’s it. I know for a fact there are some people out there that can easily outdo me. Maybe they’ll treat you with their lists:)

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Besides all the CD's (except lo-fi), I own:


Various Non-Clothing Items:

-Weapon Poster.

-MGB Beautiful Midnight on tour Poster.

-Signed "At Last There is Nothing Left to Say" 1st Edition.

-Edgefest 2000 Lineup Card.

-All Chart Magazines featuring MGB/MG.


Clothing Items:

-Blue Gunman shirt.

-White XXX Hard Liquor and Handguns 2001 shirt.

-Black I hear Matt Good is a real asshole shirt.

-Black Villain of the Year shirt.

-Grey MGB FC VTSV shirt.

-Light Blue MG on Maple Leaf WLRRR Shirt.


-Blue Here Comes Trouble shirt that I bought before I knew that MGB existed. I still, to this day, find the fact that he had that shirt on in a promo shot to be quite mind blowing...

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Well, i HAD all the CDs (except Lo-Fi) but they've been since stolen, so now I have everything except for Lo-Fi, Loser Anthems & Avalanche. Though I still have the cases for LA, the lyric book with AoB and the pre-signed deal for Avalanche. I also have the History Teacher and (i think) all the b-sides on my computer.


Aside from that, I have the Avalanche tour t-shirt (cd art on front), the RCAF-looking MG shirt, the amnesty soccer jersey, and At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say.

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I have all of the b-sides and pre-MGB stuff saved on my computer and to disc, and all of the music vids, and some Much Music vids. For official stuff, I have:

one Avalanche tour T-shirt

At Last There is Nothing Left to Say

Avalanche (LE)

AoB (Grey LE with black paper case)

AoB (white regular)

Beautiful Midnight (U.S.)

Beautiful Midnight (CDN)

WLRRR (signed jewel case version)

I still need to find LOTGA and Underdogs, which I've been hoping to find for years now.

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i have 'at last there is nothing left to say' autographed.. but unfortunately wine spilt all over it.


i also got matt to autograph my sneakers back in 2001. and i honked his nose.. no word of a lie.


ill try to find them and take a picture...

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