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Music To Get Drunk Alone To

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Post your suggestions.




Tom McRae - Sao Paulo Rain

Bright Eyes - Poison Oak

Counting Crows - Raining In Baltimore

Porcupine Tree - Russia On Ice

Madrugada - Only When You're Gone

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We Came Along This Road

BigBang - Long Distance Man

The Eagles - Desperado

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah

Stone Temple Pilots - Conversations Kill

The Mars Volta - Televators

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The entire albums "On the Beach" and "Tonight's the Night" by Neil Young. He was in a really messed-up state when he made those. "Tonight's the Night" especially - he and his band were apparently trashed for the entire recording and touring of that album. A perversely strict work ethic.

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yeah, neil young does well.


without further ado...


mgb - the fine art of falling apart

(i've actually drank to that one...)

ben harper - another lonely day

the verve - the drugs don't work

led zeppelin - since i've been loving you

eric clapton - layla

nine inch nails - something i can never have

smashing pumpkins - crestfallen

against me! - cavalier eternal

metric - london halflife

fleetwood mac - landslide

goo goo dolls - iris

green day - time of your life

phish - waste

sparta - light burns clear

switchfoot - 24

alanis morrisette - jagged little pill

nirvana - come as you are

tool - sober

a static lullaby - love to hate, hate to me

bob dylan - knocking on heaven's door

the who - behind blue eyes


and a crapload more that i've forgotten...


in general...


bob dylan

neil young


ben harper

elliot smith

haydyn (both of which i don't own anything by, but are crazy good.)




basically, anything bluesy or saddening.


hey, music is potent in itself. my drug of choice.


actually, lauren is my drug of choice. so i'm null and void on that one.

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songs make me cry when sober as well...


yeah, want a list of songs that have made me cry when sober?


mgb - the fine art of falling apart

mgb - all together

smashing pumpkins - landslide (live fleetwood mac cover)

(same diff, really)

ben harper - forever

neil young - the needle and the damage done


a lot of songs let me get out my emotions, but those are some that made me cry...

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I like to get really hammered, put on some Nickleback and rock out to my air guitar, standing on my couch while pretending I'm surrounded by beautiful underage girls.






Actually I don't get drunk alone. That's kind of an alcoholic thing to do.

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geez, all these songs are so depressing.

all you people talk about drinking alone like its some sort of sad/bad thing. When I drink alone its a f'n party, and I'm always invite(well at least while the liquor store is open).


seriously though:

most weakerthans: think the last last one, left and leaving, and one great city

plain white T's radios in heaven

the paperbacks

counting crows long december

brand new failure by design and soco amaretto lime

bob dylan

billy bragg

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What's wrong with Nickleback? Or air guitar? Or underage grils? You had respect for me?


Hey, you didn't quote the serious part of my post!


Damn you jesus!

nickelback sucks, air guitar is pretty lame, and underage girls are for pedophiles


maybe respect wasnt the right word


and im already damned, but thank you



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