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Canadian Politics

Would you want to see matt post more about Canadian politics  

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  1. 1. Would you want to see matt post more about Canadian politics

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I'm not trying to start some stupid fight here. Just asking a question. Lately I've been paying a lot more attention to Canadian politics since I’ll be able to vote soon.

I’d like to hear his opinion on what’s going on in Canada.

What about you folks?

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i agree, i never here Matt talk about Canadian politics. Maybe he is a socliast liberal lover and has nothing to complain about.

Matt's more socialist than the majority of Canada, I'd think. He recently commented on his blog that we Canadians don't live in a true democratic society. I'd agree that some parts of our government are archaic. And last time there was a national election, I think he said he wasn't going to vote for any of the major parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP.. and, well, Bloc, but that's agiven.) So there you have it. Matt has plenty to complain about in Canadian politics; it just takes a back seat to stuff like people dying in the Middle East.


But hell, I wouldn't mind catching word on Canadian politics. I don't think I get enough from the news.

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I think Matt does talk a lot about Canadian Politics and will do more of it as the Provincial election nears. He posted a lot leading up to last year's Federal election. He's been focusing on more important things on a global scale lately.


However, I hope you'll also go and read and research this stuff for yourself and not just hear what Matt has to say. I agree with most of Matt's ideas, but I definitely have to learn about the issues and make my own decision.


And I mean that as a general comment to everyone who can vote.

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I think whether Matt talks about International politics or Canadian politics can be interchangable. International politics still effects us Canadians, and lets face it, there are a lot of crappy things that happen, and injustices in Canada. BUT! There are a lot more distressing things happening internationally and I think that his focus on international politics is better suited.

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he can do what he wants, I just want MUSIC

Well said.

I am not Canadian, although I wish I lived in Alberta. But being as I don't, I don't much care whether Matt speaks more about Canadian Politics. If I was living in Canada & was able to vote there, then yes I would like to hear much more Canadian politics from him, cause we all know that he is the straightest of shooters....he doesn't mince his words & he speaks his mind with little or no fear of retribution. That is refreshing in the political arena.

But I am not in Canada....so I just want music & shitloads of it!

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Since Canada has probably more problems getting people (especially younger voters) interesting in Canadian politics, it would be cool if MG took more of a stance and spoke out more.


I'm not a big reader of his blog, but i've never seen MG write about the spondership scandal or the elections. I don't really know what he thinks of Martin, Chretien (good riddance), Harper, or the other politics leaders/parties. MG wouldn't influence how i think, but i'm curious to what he thinks.


If anyone can point to any articles/blogs where MG speaks about Canadian poltics i'd be appreciative.

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Try his blog. Now that a Provincial election is coming up he's talking a bit more about politics. His last entry also had some views on Paul Martin.


And you may find some stuff in his archives around the time of the Federal Election.


But I think his blog would be a good place to start to find out what he thinks.

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