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Should Canada Support Norad

Should Canada support NORAD  

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  1. 1. Should Canada support NORAD

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    • No

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No way should Canada give up its connection to the crown. We're a very young country. We would not exist without our unique history. If we went down the path towards republicanism, what would make us different from the United States? We aren't bound legally to do anything that the Canadian people don't want to do, so whats the point? I hate people who rant about "freeing" commonwealth countries from British affiliation.


What is it about long, old traditions that people are so abhorred by? Canada is a nation steeped in old, colourful traditions, and without them, what would we be? Things without history, or traditions, are soulless and empty, and I'd hate to see this country end up like that. The less we can sell ourselves off to the Americans the better.

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What I think he meant to ask was if we should get involved with the missle defense plan.


Paul Martin already declared that he doesn't support it. AND HE'S FUCKING RIGHT!

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