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Has anyone seen it? I enjoyed it and felt that Keanu actually did a good job this time. The acting was good, the special effects great also. Though it was quite a bit different from the original Hellblazer comics, it was worthy of the name. Im not one for big reviews, so I'll just encourage people to see it. For those who haven't seen it, stay after the credits for another small part.

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I saw the movie for free a few weeks back as part of a preview and I thought the movie sucked major ass. Was I watching the Exorcist? I can't stand directors that piece together various parts of other movies and then claim it as their own. Keanu was way over-dramatic and the whole flip-the-bird-to-the-devil thing was just too much for me to handle. At that point anyway, I was looking at my watch more than the screen...

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I thought it was good, really enjoyed the concepts of Heaven and Hell it developed. Of course Keanu cant's act,, and there's wasn't enough round house kicking to really justify him in the movie. Talk about a guy who gets by on his looks (not necessarily good, just the 'right' look)

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