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Best Snl Actor/actress

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Adam Sandler, Steve Martin and Bill Murray are all great, but currently the best actor from SNL is Sanz. It would prove to be a hard task to equally evaluate each actor from the past 25 years. Plus, for the first five years of the show everyone was on blow and now I hear that Lorne Michaels has a clean set.

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Are you kidding me? That was probably the worst Weekend Update thought the current one is not far behind it. Nealon and MacDonald were great and it has been downhill since.


As far as general cast members go, I would say Mike Myers or Phil Hartman.

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I loved Cheri Oteri. I piss myself every time I see one of her skits.

cheri oteri is awesome


i dont remember her name, but she used to play that chick on weekend update that would come in with her lipstick smeared all over her face and all fucked up on pills and that shit was so goddamn funny

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