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it's been a while since I was your man

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sort of a protest song is a lament, not it's been a while... And everyone has different ideas of what it means, that's why it's on the discuaaion board. I think it must be somebody who died though:

"Way up in that sky

I look up and I wonder

If that’s you passing by"

either someone whos dead, or a FLIGHT ATTENDANT.

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yeah, it would be great he gave an answer to that one...


and yes, i completely agree with you: that's why music is great, that's why lyrics are like poetry, because they produce different thoughts, different feelings, different attitudes, different moods... as different as people are in the world ;)

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I don't know who "the other Jen" is but it's definetly not his grandma.unless each of the verses is about a different individual. One of my favorite lyrics of the year is the verse about (paraphrasing because I haven't learned all the lyrics...yet) Rolling around on the floor, ordering Chinese and listening to Zeppelin IV.

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