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I almost got a pick but some really short chick got there before me. Man, sometimes being tall sucks. I probably could of beat her up for it but thats not really my nature.

oh shut up.


all you tall bitches get in front of me and i get to see the backs of your heads all fucking night.


so just SHUT IT.

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I have the cd's which he puts out...which I pick up at hmv or other such music outlets...oh... winnipeg show...the kids terrorised the bottle of water he threw....crazy buggers

The one last October? Yeah, I saw the kid who caught the water bottle running up and down the street yelling, "This is MATTHEW GOOD'S water bottle and he gave it to ME!!!!!!" after the show.


I met the Waking Eyes once. They gave me a free CD of demos. Still not the same though.


I have nothing from a Matt Good show really, except some nice pics I was able to take as a result of being in the very front of the mosh pit @ the Red River Ex show this summer. Got some pretty nasty bruises and rope burn, too. ;) But, anyways, they're really nice shots, the white lights showed up beautifully.

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Felt thing from the top of the drumkit used at the 2002 Western Fair show in London.


Apparently Matt and the drummer threw it at each other back stage and my friend who was working scooped it for me.


Yeah, I'm a loser.

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