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I don't know if this is common knowledge, or if people will even care. The Rock (former wrestler/actor) was just on the daily show, and John Stewart was like "you're in a very exciting new movie, why don't you tell the people what it is". He seemed hesitant, but said that it was called "Doom". [it was really cool, the audience audibly went "oooohhhhh"]As in, the classic computer game. Out in August.


Could go either way, I think. The Rock's not as bad as his rep makes him out to be. Good effects, lets hope.

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It was good...not Half-Life good, but that's another issue. Scary? It made me jump a couple times, which is more than can be said about most games, but I'd expected more from the reviews.


And that thing about Doom not involving demons or Mars is a fairly old piece of information from a source so commonly sarcastic that it is difficult to tell what is news and what is a joke. So....yeah.

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cast list for doom. i dunno whast with the script and to be perfectly honest with a cast like this, its gonna suck.




Full Cast and Crew for

Doom (2005)


Directed by

Andrzej Bartkowiak


Writing credits (in alphabetical order)

Dave Callaham


Cast (in credits order)

Karl Urban .... John Grimm

Dhobi Oparei .... Destroyer

Ben Daniels .... Goat

Razaaq Adoti .... Duke

Richard Brake .... Portman

Al Weaver .... The Kid

Dexter Fletcher .... Pinky

Yao Chin .... Mac

Robert Russel .... Dr Carmack

Daniel York .... Lt. Hunegs

Ian Hughes .... Sandford Crosbie

Sara Houghton .... Dr. Jenna Willits

Blanka Jarosova .... Dr Hillary Tallman

Vladislav Dyntera .... Dr. Steve Willits

Petr Hnetkovsky .... Dr. Olsen

Jaroslav Psenicka .... Dr Thurman

Marek Motlicek .... Dr. Clay

Brian Steele .... Curtis Stahle/The Baron

Doug Jones .... Dr Carmack Imp

rest of cast listed alphabetically

Rosamund Pike .... Samantha

The Rock .... Sarge



the rock...is an "actor" but then so is everyone else in "pro wrestling". movies just keep going downhill...i mean who the hell is this director?

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lol I just find it funny that "The Rock" is no more than a failed CFL player. He wasn't good enough to play footbal so what does he do? lol go to the wwf.

Actually, he blew out his knee in college and could never get back into shape to go pro. It is not as if he didn't have the ability.


And id acting has never been that bad. I'm no wrestling fan but how is the Rock worse than Stalone/Van Damme/Segal/Schwarzenegger?

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i never said it didn't have to...


but generic crap is a trademark of capitalism.


as vonnegut said...


the age of the disposable tissue.


and that's just what a lot of the media out there is. crap.


not like there isn't any decent stuff... there are reams of amazing things i haven't and never will experience.


which makes life interesting and enjoyable.

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People are in movies I don't have to see.... whine whine.

Someone's making a living doing somthing they love... whine whine.


I meant to go see Be Cool tonight, but missed out on my chance. It's not that dissapointing, as I only like The Rock's action-type films, being The Rundown and Walking Tall.

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