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More accurately, he'd probably dive into some incredibly complicated philosophy that would go right over everybody's head, but he'd say it so fluently and confidently that he'd make you look completely stupid as you gave him the most confused look..... anyone else want to hear him tell you what he means? lol, me either...I'll pass... it sounds damn good and I'm sure it means somethin' though.

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...full of holes of indignation? or full of night and day light savings?


I think it's about opening oneself's inside, and combatting inner deamons... he wants the light of this "raygun" to get to what's dark, the darker parts of himself.


He begs for his deamons to be released because they're "trapped"... there's a "vice above his head" that won't let them out or anything in... except this raygun... that can penetrate him (maybe this raygun is a friend or a lover).and release these wrongs, "the holes inside his heart."


He also wishes to be armored... by aspirations that will disguise these deamons... so noone inside will know of these inner inpure thoughts or feelings, they will only perceive his outside ambitions... that are truly futile because he is not pure inside.


He wants the knives of nations and a shovel (symbols) to bring out these deamons, maybe they are inpure thoughts about politics or the way the world works... and he needs them to be released... and then he needs to be refilled with knew, pure ideals or "dirt".


He claims that inside himself there is his old inside... this could refer to his older self... the self which he wants to release. He wants to discover all of this...he wants to be taken inside himself to clense himself, "Take me with you".


He then basically wishes it could all end... "wishes it was over" the misery of having to constantly combat fears or w/e haunts him.


I dunno, there's some ideas.. I'm sure I'm off in many aspects... but that could bring out some ideas from other ppl... so please someone expand or manipulate some of those ideas.... gl.. not easy.

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