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'Man who Sold the World' and 'Ziggy Stardust' are good too.

omg he covered nirvana?!?! :angry:

ha, you pretty funneh


i have not really heard that much bowie

but i like quicksand and oh! you pretty things

and rock n' roll suicide a lot ;)

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Cactus, but i'm not a hardcore fan. People hate me because i loved Heathan.

Good song, but the original is far superior.

You're right about that. I love Bowie's version, but the Pixies kind of owned that one. Hmm...my favorite songs would have to be "Heroes," "Little Wonder," "I'm Afraid of Americans," and "Aladdin Sane" (in addition to the ones already mentioned).

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i think "heroes" is a good song. a great song, actually. probably one of the best love songs of all time.


just like everyone else, i love the stuff from hunky dory, especially songs like "queen bitch", "life on mars?" and "the belway brothers".


i havent heard much else, but his new stuff seems to be pretty good. like "bring me the disco king", for example.

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I highly recomend the Best of Bowie. Not only is it filled with excellent songs, but it comes with a really crappy bonus DVD with a bunch of remixes of Let's Dance. But that song rocks so maybe it's good. But Queen Bitch is currently one of my favourites. I also like Cracked Actor, but I've never heard a non-live version. He was also my first real introduction to NIN (sorry Mike, Bowie beat you to it), so I love the guy.

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