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I'm guessing not many people have heard of these guys.


They're Norwegian, and they sound unlike anything else I've ever heard... definitely not angsty or angry, but with a distinct tone. They have excellent bass, and the drums and guitars are also amazing. The lyrics are intelligent, and the singer has a great, very unique voice. They don't seem to be very well known outside of Europe, but I'd like to see if I can convince anyone to listen to them.


Their best songs would probably be Beautyproof, Higher, Hands Up I Love You, Madrugada, Norwegian Hammerwork Corp, and Step Into This Room (And Dance For Me).

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I'm from Spain and i have never heard of them... are they popular in Norway? and outside Norway?


Do you know that the word "madrugada" is a Spanish word? ;) it is used when we talk about the time which goes from midnight till the very early morning...

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They're popular in Norway, and some of central Europe... not really heard of outside of there, I guess. I found out about them talking to a friend online. Yeah, I had some idea of what the word meant, but it's nice to get a description of it like that.

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Check out these songs:


Einherjer - Wyrd of the Dead

Einherjer - Draconian Umpire

Einherjer - Burning Yggdrasil

Einherjer - Crimson Rain

Hammerfall - The Dragon Lies Bleeding

Hammerfall - Steel Meets Steel


if you're into the norwegiann thing ;)

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I seached in E-Mule and found two albums from Madrugada:


- Industrial silence

- The nightly disease


are they from that band? Because there are also some songs in Spanish, since the word "madrugada" is a spanish word...

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None of their songs have Spanish names. And yes, both of those are albums. Industrial Silence is probably best to start with. It's rock music, but it's very different to anything else I've ever heard.


Crusader: Will do. Thanks.

Danimal: Indeed.

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