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"murphy's Fighting Hokum, You're In The Stands..."

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Simple question, I guess, but not.


Load Me Up line that goes, "Picture yourself at the MGM Grand. Murphy's fighting hokum, you're in the stands."


What's the reference? I'm racking and racking my brains and coming up with nothing.

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toadman already posted about this in another thread.


it's, in reality, murphy's fighting occam.


as in, murphy's law.


and occam's razor.


i hope i spelt those right.


murphy's law: ("If anything can go wrong, it will")


occam's razor: ("plurality should not be posited without necessity.")

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Err, Cavalier, it's spelt Hokem.


And what does "plurality should not be posited without necessity" mean?

it's actually Ockham (or Occam), not Hokem.


And in the most simple form of Occams Razor, it means "the simplist explanation is usually the best" or "keep it simple" or something along the lines of simplicity.


I'll leave it to you guys to take note of the irony of Cavalier describing it in a confusing manner. ;)

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that's me...


my classmates bitch at me all the time for that.


in french today, it happened... i asked a bunch of confusing questions, and clarified the entire course's grammatical structures. will i remember? hell no...


and in math, chem and physics, same results. people confused as heck. ironically, i want to be a teacher...


edit: the plurality thing is what occam (ockham) actually wrote. the other simple form is the modern english.


i ripped it off a site.


sue me!





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Ock·ham also Oc·cam Audio pronunciation of "ockham" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (km), William of. 1285?-1349?.


English scholastic philosopher who rejected the reality of universal concepts and argued that mental and linguistic signs are the only genuinely universal features of reality.


*I got this from dictionary.com hope it helps.

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