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Dave Genn Now In 54-40

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haha what do you mean rock bottom. That's not rock bottom.


He isn't a 22 year old college guy making -10 000$/ year.


I'd say he's doing pretty well!


54-40 are alright, just a bit different, similar to junkhouse in my opinion.

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I'm not sure if I'd want him to write the next "load me up",lol.......what would it sound like???? :angry:


Who did most of the song writing for that song anyways??? ;)

Matt Good & Dave Genn co-wrote a bunch of songs on BM including LMU.

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I can bet most of you have heard lots of 54-40 songs. I thought I hadn't until my friend let me listen to them.

yeah they've been around forever but seem to kind of fly under the radar...I dont own one 54-40 cd but know a crapload of their music/songs.

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