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The Worker Sang


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well I was quite fortunate to hear my favorite song ever by Matt Good at the last show i been to... Now usually when I watch live shows I watch the guitarists and what not, but effects wise I cant see teh board. But anyway the fave song is "The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production" from what I gathered Thor Valdsen was playing thru 2 wah pedals for the effect on teh lead during teh verses producing a...watery bubbly sound as I call it...cuz I cant really describe it opposed to teh siren sound on teh studio recording and was playing









but since no one has a boot of this song and Matt might not play it for some time...we'll never know ;)


anyway that's my idea and this thread is open for ideas to other songs too....dicuss!!



P.S. - I also figured out the solo in Avalanche to the 04.11.03 show

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