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Calgary Show Review/Setlist

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Hey everybody, i JUST signed up for this board this morning, looks like a good little community you've got here (no pun intended). Anyhow i was at the show at Cowboys last night, and let me say that if you haven't seen matt live, you MUST go NOW. absolutely amazing show.


Wil took the stage at around 945, and played for a good 40 minutes... he really is amazing on the acoustic guitar, he and the drummer (his name escapes me) really make alot of music for two guys. Despite the fact that he was an excellent musician, the crowd was getting restless to see matt. At about 11, Matt, Rich, Pat, and Christian (sp?) hit the stage and launched into an hour and a half set of rock and roll goodness. Every song was exceptionally tight, i didn't even catch one sour note or anything. Matt took time out a couple times to chat with the crowd, once about the election today, once about amnesty international (they had a kiosk sort of thing there) and once about the sad state the world is in. Pat is a wicked drummer, pounding out the beat with power and precision. The way Rich's bass was mixed was unbelievable, it penetrated your body with amazing force. Matt and Christian were solid on the guitars, making the whole room believe what i knew to be true already. Matthew Good is among the best canadian musicians in history. Here is the setlist, i THINK this was the order, correct me if i'm wrong...


Put Out Your Lights

Poor Man's Grey

Fell In Love With A Bad Idea

Hello Time Bomb

Alert Status Red

Everything is Automatic

North American For Life


Little Terror

Load Me Up

We're So Heavy

Blue Skies Over Badlands




Near Fantastica (un-freaking-believable)


Empty Road


I was kinda disappointed he didn't play buffalo seven as its one of my favorite new songs, but the sheer force of hello time bomb, alert status red, load me up, weapon and near fantastica more than made up for it. Last night ranks up there with the best concerts i have ever seen... thanks Matt and Co. for an amazing night.

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great setlist ;) i'm sure they sounded great... near fantastica sounds PERFECT live... and, by the way, I also miss in his concerts (I have only heard it in one of them) "buffalo seven", one of my favorite ones from the new album...

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yeah, blue skies was pretty sweet, the whole place was just in awe of it... even in the quiet parts of the song it was quiet in the crowd, everybody was just kinda like ;) ... damn i wish going tonight lol.... dunno if my liver could take it tho...

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It's always a shame about Matt Good concerts.




The moronic group of post adolescent guys that started a body slamming session up front (concentrating on not getting a boot to the head while trying to enjoy a good concert.......always fun)


The disenfranchised look on Matt's face, as people tried to crowd surfing to apparitions.


As Matt's last solo song came to an end; a song that you could tell was powerful, political and emotional.... a girl shouted "Take off your shirt".


Great show, it's just too bad about the fans that think that Hello Time Bomb and Load Me Up are the only songs in Matt's repertoire.

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yeah, it always happens the same... some fans listen to two "typical" songs and they just think they know everything about Matt's music and songs and then show off as their "strongest fans"... but oh well, that happens with all bands/singers ;)

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