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History Teacher

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Before I begin I would like to introduce myself, my handel is Instant-Karma and I'm new so bear with me please. I have been a fan of Matt for quite some time now...but enough of me.


My questions concern the mysterious compiation of Matts first demos, yes I am speaking of "history teacher"

I was wondering if anyone had any of the following

-The CD itself (haha, yeah right)

-A track listing

-The Mp3s

-Guitar tabs (most of the songs are easy enough to work out but tabs are nice to...)


From what I've heard/read, one of Matts early managers or friends or something took all of Matts demos (including his stuff with the rodchester kings) and made a double disk of all of them. As soon as Matt discovered this he cancelled production but apparantly 200 (give or take) copies "got out". I have a un-complete burned copy that I enjoy quite a bit and would really like to get a fully complete copy with all the tracks in the original order.


One last question, does matt himself post on this board ever?

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The story goes as this, as I heard it from the person who produced History Teacher.


The person who made the History Teacher played piano in an early version of the Matthew Good Band (pre Ian, Dave, and Geoff, but post Rodchester Kings). He helped partially fund a small tour on his credit card for Matt. To repay him, Matt apparantly gave him a guitar, but there was still money being owed to the piano player. He said this was never paid.


Wanting the money he was owed, he produced the History Teacher CD's as a way to get the money back. He only made 200 copies, most of which were distributed as far as I know (he told me that mine was one of the last to go out). Somewhere around this point, Matt found out and all shit hit the fan.


I'm not saying that this is the exact way things happened, but that's what I was told by the History Teacher seller, so I would think it was true.

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hey "Instant-Karma" I can send you a pic of the original history teacher album. i took pics in case mine is ever stolen. the only diff is that i got matt to sign mine. He told me how he sued the guy for making these cd's, but as i know they were all given away and not sold,but hey i could be wrong. some guy i know gave me mine cause he knew i was a super huge fan and it was just collecting dust at his house. (ps. thanx Terry)

email me @ [email protected] if you want the pics, just please don't make fake albums from it, that's not cool. (also there were exactly 200 copies and they are all marked inside on the back cover.)

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No, they were sold. I bought mine, I think it was... $45 bucks or something like that... I can't recall it was a long time ago now. And like I said in my previous post, the whole point of the History Teacher CD's was so the guy could get his money back, so he made and sold the CD's.


I wish I could help you with the pic of the cover, but I'm in the middle of moving and my scanner and computer are not up and running yet... Oh well, someone else has offered it ;)

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wow $45. ouch. no wonder matt sued the guy, that's insaine, but as a huge MG fan, i woulda prolly paid more than that for it. the guy that gave me my copy, his brother was friends with the guy who made the cd, so him and his bro got free copies. wow, i still can't believe he'd sell them for $45. can i ask how you got yours, where were they sold, did you have to know someone who knew someone or what? the only other person i know with one won't tell me how they got theirs, but i'm just curious cause mine only fell into my hands about 3 years ago.


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Well, a number of years ago, back when the Running for Home site was still around with the APA, there were probably about 10 pretty big fans that used to chat it up quite a bit on ICQ and this old chat room that was on an old fansite that I can't even remember the name of. I got an email one day from one of the frequent chatters. He had received the email forwarded from the guy who sold the History Teacher CD's. It was pretty much a flyer for History Teacher - had all the details and pics of the CD cover, plus info on how to get a copy. So I emailed the guy selling them for more details and we had a short correspondance for awhile, which is where I got the info on why he made the CD's. In one of his last emails to me, he mentioned that Matt found out and was pissed off and taking him to court, and that my copy was one of the last available to go out. I'm not sure whether this meant it was one of the last of the 200 to go out, or one of the last he was allowed to send, because Matt put a halt to it. All of this was about... I'd say... five years ago. Maybe six. Up until recently I had the emails still in my Hotmail account, but I deleted them not too long ago. Now I'm kicking myself because I would have had the precise details to tell you.... arg! Anyway, and interesting tidbit of information is, that on the inside cover of History Teacher it says that "Broken" was actually recorded in the bedroom of the guy that distributed the History Teacher CD's...


And I'm sorry, I just can't sell my copy *sorry*

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