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Ther Be Gold In Them Hills

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So I was watching G4 tech tv the other day when I was told of a niffty little site that basicly took pictures of old webs sites and held them. I got to thinking what of the onld matthew good stuff?...

It is alittle criptic and broken at times but it is fun to play aroudn in so here you go:







To show that i am not pulling anything here is an interview from April 9, 2001


Answering the phone one recent weekday afternoon, I found myself speaking to someone who introduced himself simply as "Matt Good." His next statement clearly depicts the offhand humor of the front man for the Matthew Good Band, "what if I don't want people to buy my records? Am I in the wrong place?" he joked.


The Matthew Good Band is certainly no stranger to producing hit music. Having enjoyed multi-platinum success in their home country of Canada with "Underdogs," they are now poised to take the United States by storm with their recent Atlantic release titled "Beautiful Midnight."


Matt Good has been has been touring the Canadian landscape since the early 1990s, forming what is now the Matthew Good Band in 1995. Their first self-released album "Last of the Ghetto Astronauts," sold over 22,000 copies making the album one of Canada's highest selling independent releases. "I hated that album," Good confessed; eluding to the fact that the album was recorded with a budget of around $7,000. "The music was really low quality," he added.


The latest release "Beautiful Midnight" by Atlantic Records is really a compilation of songs taken from the Canadian version of Beautiful Midnight and the prior Canadian release "Underdogs." "At the time it seemed like a good idea," Good said, "but I really miss a couple of the songs we took off of there." "It really breaks up the concept behind the original recording."

Asked what it would take for the new record to take hold in America, Good responded, "If it doesn't happen my friend…we live in a day and age where the industry is the celebrity, so I don't ever really take shit like that personally. The men are separated from the boys in my business in what they do after their first record, because you have your whole life to write your first record. That's the easy part. It's writing your second, third, forth, fifth, whatever. The difficult thing for any good rock band is to reinvent themselves almost every record, and we just don't live in that kind of day and age where fans are open to that kind of an idea."

MBG will be releasing a limited edition EP in Canada this May for their fans north of the border. "What we've done this time is I put seven songs together, two out takes from Beautiful Midnight (two songs that didn't make the record), and a whole bunch of really soundtracky type numbers and then an acoustic tune and put them together on an EP," Good said. "There will be 35,000 copies in Canada made. They're numbered, and people can buy it, and once the 35,000 are gone; they're gone," he added.

When asked what preparations Atlantic was making to launch MGB in the states Good replied, "all the usual crap that record companies go through. You're dealing with a band that's unfortunately impossible, or next to it, to pigeonhole. Because we go from being a rock band to not being a rock band on the same record - all the time. I've had the luxury in my home country to have seven years to get people used to that idea. And also it's good to have a springboard of having the most successful independent record in the country's history to do it with."

"They've put Time Bomb out, which will be followed up by Strange Days. If Strange Days does something then yeah, and if it doesn't then this record will be to sleep by summer; then the new one will come out because we've already recorded it. We mix it in May. So it will come out next year sometime."

Good gave some insight into a couple of other songs on the "Beautiful Midnight" CD. "Failing The Rorschach Test is an amalgamation behind the whole Alice and Wonderland thing," Good said. "The song Apparitions is just another way of saying we are all ghosts in the machine. You operate unconsciously within something. I wrote the beginning into the full first verse and chorus of that song at a barbecue in Toronto with an acoustic guitar," he added. Good stated that they actually played the song live for two years before it was finally recorded for the "Underdogs" album in Canada.

As far as future tour plans Good said, "March has always been the month for summer negotiations, so we should know something more definite pretty soon."

Giving his views on the current state of music, Good said "I grew up in an era where I listened to Led Zeppelin. I miss the mystery of rock . I don't like the fact that you can find out everything about anyone in about 20 minutes by going on the Internet. I miss looking at the back of Led Zepplin or Led Zepplin II and going: who are these guys? Where are they from?, etc. It's almost like we've been kind of robbed of it."

Good shared his views about people downloading free music on the Internet saying, "it robs me of being able to offer you an entire picture of what I mean by an entire record. It trivialized what I do and somewhere in that that has just got to trivialize art period. What I love about the entire thing, especially with what has come up with Napster, is 16 year olds consider it an amendment issue. Freedom of information or some bullshit like that."

It's an exciting time for the Matthew Good Band. Their single "Time Bomb" has just cracked the Top 40 of Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. It will be exciting to see if they are able to attain the same success in the US as they have enjoyed in Canada.

-Scott Snavely

Check out our review of Beautiful Midnight


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