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Anyone ever hear of Wintersleep? Simply amazing band, one of my favorites out there today (second only to Matt Good i suppose! ;)) These guys are from Halifax i believe, i saw them play at UCCB a few weeks back, simply incredible. go to there site and give these guys a listen (you get redirect, and you need realplayer i think)




Worth the listen!


EDIT-Also, Kary is another band well worth a listen (they have sort of a Tool style to them). Kary however is sadly dead, but luckily all is not in vain, as several members of Kary have formed Wintersleep!

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so in the late nineties i was very into the canadian music scene with like rusty, the hip, the sandbox, headstones, i mother earth, moist, econoline crush, even chantal kreviachuk....anybody now the scoop on these bands...i know i'm forgetting a shitload of bands i dug from my muchmusic days soi'll prob. be asking a question like this again.

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Rusty - Long since broken up...word was that the vocalist Ken MacNeil was going solo...well he went solo...so low we cou.....never mind.


The Hip - Still going strong. New album came out 2 days ago...first single Vaccination Scar is ok. Never was too much into them.


Sandbox - Same as Rusty. Broke up.


Headstones - Had a new album a few years back that didn't sell...check your local McDonald's for current bandmember status.


I Mother Earth - Quiksilver Meat Dream was released in April of 2003....didn't sell exceptionally well. Still with Edwin's replacement Ryan or Brian whatever his name is.


Moist - Broke up officially I believe. David Usher's cd Hallucinations didn't sell as well as Morning Orbit. Not using sales to determine talent or quality of record....just a fact. I liked Morning Orbit more personally. What Mark or any of the other guys are up to is anyone's guess.


Econoline Crush - Defunct. Last album was a loooong time ago and no new dates or info regarding anyone in the band...www.econolinecrush.com has been sold to someone else apparently...never a good sign of a glorious comeback.


Chantal Kreviazuk - Still married to Raine Maida...probably still going to tour and record...just helped produce Avril Lavigne's new album if I remember correctly.

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