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Has anyone else noticed that there are 2 versions of "endsong" on the history teacher album? were they supposed to have different names, and it is a misprint on the album? or is it supposed to be that way? i have had the album for 3 years (i listen to it religiously, at least 3x every week) and i just noticed this. (it is printed really small for the first cd as one word and much bigger and in 2 words on the second cd). they are 2 completely different songs. help anyone?

(picture of my confusion)

i know you can't read the first one but it says (under a magnifying glass) "4. endsong" in handwriting. the second pic you can see. both pics are the same in size, i didn't change it.


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Endsong that is 3 odd minutes is from Broken. This one has the lighting and starts off "End, the final point" or some such junk. Great song.


Endsong that is four odd minutes is from 15 Hours on a September Thursday.


"History Teacher" is all of Matt's older tapes compiled, by some goon, on Compact Discs. Where did you purchase said discs?

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i didn't purchase them, it was a gift. (steve codling gave my buddy and his bro copies years ago)


i understand they are different songs, i do have them both. i was just curious if someone knew why they were titled the same (or if it had been a misprint). i now know it wasn't a misprint, but does anyone know why they are titled the same.

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it's not a matter of jealousy. most of us have all the songs with the same quality.. we just don't have artwork that some dude made and put together as an album. i could make my own bootleg and it wouldn't be any more or less valuable

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