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The Meanings Of His Songs

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Hey guys,


I was just listening to Truffle Pigs (my current number one choice) and realized I have no idea what his songs mean. I was wondering if anyone had a good resource (or perhaps transcript of interviews) where Matt explains things. I'll keep hunting and see if I can find anything worthwhile on the net!!! ;)

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Matthew Good's songs are at times so all over the place that you have no choice but to make the meaning of the song your own.


*edit* But if you're determined, try a) Songmeanings.net or B post the song on the forum and ask the members for their thoughts.

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who cares what other people have to say. it means what it means to you.


conversely, what if they don't mean anything? you'd look like a fool analyzing and interpreting something that isn't there.

I've always wondered that when my english teacher analyzes song lyrics or a poem to death.

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Kind of like Pixies lyrics. Apparently, they're not supposed to mean anything and yet I've read dozens of interpretations of their songs.

shit, i could interpret mary had a little lamb. would i be right? fuck no. could you prove that i'm not? fuck no.

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i've heard MG say that he doesn't explain songs, cause they mean different things to every person, and he likes it that way. (i guess his meanings are too personal to share) he did say that the break up of MGB is in "truffle pigs" that was the only song i've ever heard him talk about. (if i remember correctly it was from mmbio.)i'll watch it tonight again and then i can accuratley quote him about "truffle pigs".

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