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Matt's Singing

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I find it hot when he chuckles in songs, a la Hello Time Bomb, but the sexiest thing ever is just when he says "I take my clothes off whenever it suits me" in FlashdanceII. All the music stops and you can just focus on that excellent, excellent thought...

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Matt Good just fucking emotes. Pure & simple. When I think of the GREAT voices of rock 'n' roll.....I think of Paul Stanley (KISS), Robert Planet (Zep), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden/Audioslave), Ian Astbury (The Cult/Doors), Jim Morrison (The Doors), Steve Perry (Journey).......Matthew Good is right up there amongst them for me! There is an almost Spiritual quality about his voice that smashes you right in the heart. Being gay has nothing to do with it.


Actually, let me include this here. Much of it is relevant to this discussion. This was a post I made some 2 years ago on another board. The question had been raised as to why Matt Good had never "cracked it big" in the USA, among other things. Anyways, here was my response.







I am an Australian guitarist/singer/songwriter living in Texas, USA. I first discovered MGB during my 2 year tenure living in Alberta, Canada (God's country). I saw the video for "Everything is Automatic" on Much Music one day & I was blown away. On the strength of that song, I went out & bought UNDERDOGS & Matthew Good has pretty much been my favorite artist/band ever since.


Matt is a fantastic songwriter, & as a unit, Matt, Dave, Ian & Rich were a force. I loved Dave Genn's guitar hooks & I wondered how Matt's sound would change with the departure of Dave & Ian. After hearing "Weapon" I am totally convinced of Matt's power as a stand-alone songwriter & artist. I am filled with excitment for the new album. Of course, I own all the MGB albums to date as well as some other stuff I had never heard before I found on Kazza.


Someone said it perfectly in an earlier post..."Matt Good just fucking emotes!" To me, he has one of the most incredible voices in any genre of music I have ever heard. When we think of traditionally great rock voices, we think of the Chris Cornell's, the Robert Plant's & the Paul Stanley's. For your classic 'smooth as silk' voice we think of our Frank Sinatra's & our Nat King Cole's etc. But there is something about Matthew Good's voice that for me, puts him up there with all the vocal greats. There is an almost Spiritual quality in his vocals. I don't mean in a 'God' kind of way (it has nothing to do with religion), but more so that it is a quality that can reach deep inside of you & touch you at that most deepest of places. That place that moves you & makes you think about yourself & your world in a different way. To me, it is pure emotion. This quality, combined with the brilliant, insightful & emotive lyrics he so often writes create a soundscape that as I said, is not only sonic, but Spiritual. I am not averse to saying that listening to certain Matthew Good songs have brought me to tears on many an occasion. He simply moves me. "Flight Recorder from Viking 7", "Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance", 'I miss New Wave", "Let's Get It On", "Running For Home", "The Inescapable Us" & "Fated" are just some that do it to me everytime I hear them.


As an artist myself that often writes in a style not unlike Matthew Good, I always strive to achieve that amazing quality with my own music. It is this quality that sets a true gifted artist apart from the rest of the commercially driven crap that our airwaves & television sets are inundated with these days. Artists like Matthew Good are becoming rarer in todays musical climate, but they are so easy to spot. Because it is their music that will hit you right in the heart. Just like Matt's does. I would give anything for the opportunity to create with him. The experience & the music would be nothing short of inspirational.


As for why he hasn't cracked it huge in the US.....a number of reasons. Firstly & foremostly I think, Matt is concerned primarily with the integrity of his music. While some of his songs are quite commercially viable, he is not one to compromise his musical integrity in order to produce an album that will be accepted commercially by the masses. I have the utmost respect for him for this. For, a true musician creates that which comes from his or her heart & this is & should always be the bottom line in any musical endeavour, for any musician truly serious about their art & their gift. Matt's music is what it is because it is his own, & not the lure of huge American music market dollars nor the trappings of fame can deviate him from his path to create music from his heart. Secondly, I see the US music market as possibly the most commercial in the world. And definitely the market overburdened with the most commercial crap. As a result, the majority of the population (especially the younger generation) are drawn towards the commercially produced shit like the Britney Spears', the Christina Aguliera's, the Missy Elliot's, the Backstreet Boys', the NSYNC's & the Offspring's (yes, they were once a cool rock band). Unfortunatley, the majority of new music has become focused on image. And in general, many, many, many young Americans (particularly under the age of 25) have been 'image-washed' if you will, by all this. Matthew Good is not "all dat" he is not "wit it" & he is not "the thang". The truly sad thing is that his music is indeed all these things, but in todays American music climate (and unfortunately most of the first world), the music runs a distant second place to the image. Please don't misunderstand, I am not trying to hang shit on Americans (my wife is American!) or their musical tastes, I am just making an observation as I see it.


I managed an independent music store in Sydney, Australia for 4 years prior to moving to the US & I saw the same sad patterns emerging in the youth there also. But I was heartened to discover that there was hope. Next to no-one had heard of the Matthew Good Band in Australia. I used to play my personal collection of MGB albums everyday at work & without fail, someone would ask who that was, & stay to listen. I had to start importing them from the US to satify those who wanted to buy them. Thing was, only UNDERDOGS & BEAUTIFUL MIDNIGHT were available from the US. So I would call my dear friends in Alberta & have them buy copies of RAYGUN, LAST OF THE GHETTO ASTRONAUTS & more recently, THE AUDIO OF BEING & ship them to me. I sold them all. Amongst the scores of people bringing all the new R&B & 'pop' shit up to the counter, I could sell a quality product & know that the cause was not totally lost.


But they say that music, like everything else runs in cycles. Perhaps we will again see a return to the admiration & respect of quality music by the collective consciousness. I certainly hope so.


As for the whole Canadian band thing being discussed here also, I have to say that there is an exceptionally healthy glow to the Canadian music scene. For me Matthew Good tops the pile, closely followed by The Tragically Hip (their latest ablum IN VIOLET LIGHT is just awesome. If you have not heard it yet, do yourself a big favor...go check it out!) They are another band with great musical integrity & as such have been duly rewarded as the 'darlings' of Canadian Rock by their beloved fellow countrymen. I am also exceptionally impressed with Canadian acts such as Moist, See Spot Run, Wide Mouth Mason, The Tea Party of course (although I think they have begun their commercial slide downwards), The Watchmen, Our Lady Peace ('Naveed' is the benchmark for them, but the new album 'Gravity' is killer also - Bob Rock is a fantastic producer), Amanda Marshall, Jan Arden, Natalie McMaster (brilliant fiddle extraordinaire from Nova Scotia)& to a lesser degree, Nickleback (they are quite commercial but have some great rock songs nonetheless. Although, I lost alot of respect for Chad Kroger for producing his Nickleback clone Default - really, they may have well just have released it as another Nickleback album). Not only do I think the Canadian music scene is probably healthier than that of the US, but that the average music consumer seems less inclined to be blinded by image in Canada. These are generalizations of course, I know the demise in musical tastes is unfortunatley a worldwide phenomenom.


Anyways, these are my thoughts. I will leave you with one more:




That was my 2 cents!

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Well thanx Calum. That's nice of you to say man. I appreciate it. But really dude, I qam just calling a spade a spade. I was surprised that I could actually articulate what I wanted to say.....what Matt's music does to me. Even though the words I expressed above don't really do Matt & his music justice to me. He is purely fucking amazing. If I can be half as good as he is, then I will be a happy little muso. Oh how I wish wish wish I could create with him!!!! LOL!

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I would go as far to say that Matt Good is not just a musical genius (which he indeed is).. but he is a genius period. His thoughts and the ways he expresses himself are purely amazing. He could write a book on the mating process of emu's and I'd buy it. He's that brilliant.

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His is the only ass that I'd kiss. His and my friend's but thats another story.


saturnine is definitely Matt Good in disguise. He knows who he hates and everything. And that still doesn't conquer the fact that I got a puppy on Saturday.

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wow... you think you could all just chill with the complete and utter ass kissing? matt good hates all of you.

point well taken. matt does hate most of us but think about it, Kissing his ass is basically the reasoning behind this whole forum

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. Oh how I wish wish wish I could create with him!!!! LOL!


ass kissing is just the shell...

I bet some of you guys would switch sexual orientation for ten minutes of "matt good time".


i know NF doesn't stand for "no fags" but taker easy.

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Hey Sedated19,


How does GET FUCKED sound?

I am a musican you fucking dropkick. I am also a married man....a hetrosexual one you idiot. My post about Matt Good was made with regard to his talent as a musician. My comment about wishing to create music with him was just that....a fucking comment about wishing to write with him. Why don't you take your immature & fucking homophobic comments & shove them up your ass. Same goes for you The Worker Sang (Aaron). Yeah, that was such a funny comment.


I made an intelligent post about an artist that we all supposedly admire. If a guy can't comment on someones talent in a board on a website devoted to said person, then what the fuck? What's the point of having the site in the first place?


Oh wait, I should just say "Yeah, I guess Matt Good is kinda ok" when actually I think his music & talent is phenomenal, just because some immature fuckwit may think it tougher, or more manly or less ass-kissing or less fucking gay for fuck sakes, for me to say otherwise.


You know, Sedated & The Worker it's people like you that not only give boards a bad name but that give the fucking human race a bad name. Oh you love your anonymity here online. I could lay money on the fact that you wouln't be so quick to label me a fag on the street if we met.....to tell me my "ass-kissing" (that is my praise for an artist I respect musically) is a shell for my desire to bone him in the ass. Oh how I would love to run into you on the street.


Oh & the only think omnipotent about you Seadted is your immature, uninformed & closed-minded attitudes. Have a look around...the world is rife with people & attitudes like you...it's why people hate & kill each other the world over.....omnipotent indeed.


Grow up you homophoblic fucking dickheads. And that goes for ANY & ALL of you who think that my post was just an ass kiss. I read posts of such before, but let those comments slide. However when I am accused of being a homosexual for relating my admiration for someones music & musical talent, then I'm gonna have something to say.


The really fucking stupid thing is that I am probably going to be the one either banned from the boards or warned for swearing......not the idiots spreading homophobic slander across the board. But my expreience in here of late would render me totally unsurprised if that were the case. And if this board tolerates such ridiculous attitudes & the proclimation of them in written form then I will find a board with intelligent members who are not threatened by straight people making legitimate, intelligent conversation & passing them off as gay.


Grow up you morons. You know who you are.

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