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Ravenous itchy

Star Wars Episode 3

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looks awesome.. which is good, because i don't think i've seen worse movies than episodes I/II

All I have to say is "Starship Troopers", or maybe "The Core". Its not even one of those bad movies that is fun to watch to laugh at, its just torture at every second.


Anyway, i am looking forward to star wars 3. It looks like it could be quite good, we will see. Being a sci fi fan leaves me with little other option as there has been no great sci fi released in a long while.

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The only way that will happen is if this one is not written or directed by George Lucas, like Empire and Jedi. Sadly, that is not the case, and we will probably end up with a shit trilogy. But here's hoping I'm wrong, I would love to see the franchise salvaged at the last minute.

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