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An Announcement Of Immense Proportion...

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where's timberlake?

he's in your closet

timberlake was N'SYNC dumbass

are you proud you know this AND corrected someone about it?? i hope its a joke. if it is, i like your sense of humor.



i say that we here at "the bored" should start our own pop band, in order to feed our insatiable hunger for coke and hookers. anyone in?

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um, WE will be the band sluts, they need more than one


we can be the backup singers too, cuz then we could

wear sparkly dresses and stuff and maybe have white-girl afros

Two band sluts is always better than one.


I'm so in.

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um, WE will be the band sluts, they need more than one


at least we won't be adding another boy band to the already polluted musical waters.

his has potential...i'll be the manager..you need?

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Can I be the looker that can't sing, but will launch a solo career once the band phases out?

yeah sure.


i'd prefer it if you stabbed us in the back somehow too. you know, lot's of drama and press for when our greatest hits/live album comes out (which will probably be right after our first album).


i'll be the artsy/quiet/brooding one who usually stands at the back during photo ops, etc.

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