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Cbc Interview

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Matthew Good: How ya doin’ Priya?

Priya Ramu: Good, how are you?

Matthew Good: I’m alright, can’t complain.

Priya Ramu: What is the motivation in this campaign, “Get your Vote On”?

Matthew Good: Well umm, My involvement with it really stems from my concern over the reduction of the democratic principles that govern our government, umm is that a double negative?

Priya Ramu: We’ve got a couple of those today, it’s alright, we clearly don’t worry about the English language on this show.

Matthew Good: I think it’s really important to educate young people as to the realities of what goes on in our political system, the fact that we live more in a plutocracy then we do a democracy, I don’t really think it’s an abject to be positive and thumbs up and say ‘get out and vote’, I think that it’s really important that people educate themselves as to the deterioration of our system.

Priya Ramu: But how does a political science lesson actually get people to the ballot box?

Matthew Good: Well you know that I think that most political parties count on the fact that low voter turn out is going to occur and I think that they target certain segments to the public as a means to the end. I think that if 80% of eligible voters in BC or more turned out it would scare the crap out of them.

Priya Ramu: So this in particular is looking at so-called ‘youth voters’, I guess it’s 18 to 34, only 34% last time showed up to the provincial election.

Matthew Good: I think largely it’s just apathy or disinterest; I think that BC provincial politics have been very Mickey Mouse for many years. I think especially over the last 15 years a lot of people have just grown really sick and tired of the constant ups and downs and problems that have occurred, and scandals, but I think that needs to change, I think that British Columbians need to take the initiative and get really involved. And hopefully this can raise some awareness. I mean ultimately as well as the ??STV?? vote that’s going to be going is going to be very important as well.


I got up to 2:10 someone finish it.

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I have lived there too and i still like Vancouver, well Vegas would be a cool place to live for a couple months, but then back to Van. (but everywhere has there good sides and bad sides and being that we all aren't the same we all have different opinions of which no are right or wrong.)if that made any sense, sometimes i ramble lots like now! my sister was going to live in Belize for a year or 2, that would also be cool. (but no Matt) ;) cheers! anyone else live anywhere cool for awhile? (outside of our amazing country)

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