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Can't Get Shot In The Back

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1) To stop being an amateur that would require talent and time, and patience.. maybe skill. I don't have any of that.



2) I'm an idiot, and thought the (Demo) was on the next line for a song called Run... yeah I already said idiot.

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In order to play "can't get shot in the back", you've got to be non-amateur enough to know how to tune your guitar down a half step. (Matt does this a fair bit - it's a good skill to know). This may be why you're having a hard time figuring it out.


From there, it's pretty straight forward.


Am, C, Am, G, F (the barred one, not that crappy three finger one)


Plus, theres a C, G at the "pictures of out savior" part.


The "love ain't something I remember" part

F, Am, C.


Thats a very simple rendition, plus it leaves out the little stylistic stuff that makes his playing "his", but its close enough.

Ps - I know that there is a possibility that this may be completely off, but it's damn close. If you have a different way to play it, please suggest.

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Thanks. I am able to tune my guitar down a half step.. I just can't do it until I buy a battery for my tuner so I am able to re-tune my guitar afterwards ;)


Also the stylistic stuff I'm not too worried about, there's a reason he gets paid to play whereas I do not.


But I do have a question about the F chord. What do you mean by the barred one? The only one I know uses three fingers.

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I bled before I even got to try to play it. I got my first guitar at a pawn shop, it had no strings on it when I bought. So I got some strings and tried to put them with no prior knowledge of how to put strings on a guitar. That resulted a lot of blood, those strings are sharp when you tighten them too much and they snap!

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if you don't bleed at the start you are not doing it right.

It's amazing how similar that is to sex...


And F isn't that hard. Come on. Try wanking with your left hand a bit, the strength in your hand just skyrockets.


And now my wrist clicks whenever I move it in a circle.

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