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will be similar to avalanche with the long sonic melodies and the orchestral background..as compared to the more straight forward rock sound on WLRRR. I think that Avalanche is the perfect direction for Matt to go now that he has a smaller and more loyal fanbase that really appreciates his art.


any thoughts?

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I think he should continue to grow and evolve as a musician and the album will sound nothing like any f his ither stuff, while still being "matthew good". (perhaps some alt-country or nu-metal. or! hip-hop! how great would that be!)


But seriously, as much as I do love Avalanche, I want something new and different. If I wanted Avalanche, I'd listen to Avalanche again. I just want to say Avalanche one more time.




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although matt is my fav artist, i would be disapointed to hear another Avalanche album. i would still buy the cd, but i want to hear something new. (oh gosh, please not hip hop, can you imagine matt rapping, i think his singing voice is amazing, and i hope he wouldn't compromise it for some crap rap, what's next a big gold dollar sign around his next and bling bling rimmed glasses, come on people)


*hey if you like rap i'm not dissing you, we all have our own opinions, mine just happens to not like rap or hip hop.



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let's assume that you just came home from a restaurant where you had a ridiculously great steak. the greatest steak you've ever tasted. you can't get the thought of this steak out of your head. you don't want to eat anything else but that steak.


would it make sense to never want to have that steak again?


avalanche > steak

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