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Ok, it's official. Billy Idol is back, and he still rocks. This new album rocked my socks off, even if it's not quite as good as his old stuff, it's still a harder bit of rock than most of the stuff out there. I can't believe that he's 49 years old. Plus, his band really benefits from the modern recording sound, the tone is kickass.

Also, Steve Stevens is such a great guitar player. His sound is off the charts on this disc. I think he's definately on the list of the best underrated guitarists in rock history.

If you haven't heard it, the album is called "Devil's Playground", and the lead single is "Scream".

Fuckin' A.

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Man, dissappointed? I don't know how one could be. I mean, it's nothing like Billy Talent, My Chemical Romance, or any of the other crap thats out there (not to call your taste crap), but it's solid rock man. Smile on your face, have a good time, rock n' roll.

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I've officially had the album for 24 hours now, and have only one complaint. It's too short. Not that I think it should be longer, or i'm being stupid. The songs are just mainly Idol's typical 3 1/2 minute rockers, and I've now heard the album a few times over and have to give it a break. On the upside, i can tell you that It is spectacular.

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