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Genuine Wlrrr

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One thing about this album is that it truly feels like a rock and roll review to me because so many other artists come to mind as I listen to it. I'm reminded of a specific song or a song just "sounds" like it could have been done by another artist. Some songs make me feel as if I should know who they remind me of and I'm hoping other's responses will answer those nagging questions at the back of my mind.


The ones that sprang to my mind on day 1:

Empty Road -- Neil Young (but Matt's voice is way better)

Little Terror -- Stevie Wonder (Superstition, specifically)

Buffalo Seven -- Martha and the Muffins

Blue Skies over Bad Lands -- Matthew Good as himself

Ex-Pats -- Won't Get Fooled Again (no surprise, this one)


Now that it's been kicking around for a while, I'm curious what artists others are reminded of.

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Ex-Pats - Won't Get Fooled Again (well, duh.)


Fell In Love With A Bad Idea - Blow At High Dough by Tragically Hip


That's about it for specific songs. The main influences of the record all seem to be from the early 70's/late 60's period, which would effectively predate the grunge movement, which nowadays would seem a good thing.

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