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Magic Goats Of Presto Island

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It was recorded in Toronto at the book reading for At Last There is Nothing Left to Say at this place called Barcode on College St. on Sept 25, 2001.

(I only know this cos my ex-boyfriend recorded it, and that was my 19 birthday and also the day of the infamous beets incident).


PS: It cuts off cos we recorded it on a shitty tape recorder and ran out of tape...

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if you really want the rest, but the book "at last there is nothing left to say" it's great, kind of a schitzo book (i can only say that cause my best friend suffers from schitzophenia (not sure if that's spelt right or not) and manic depression and the book reminds me of him alot. if he was to write a book, it would be very similar. anyways get the book, it's "good". cheers. (if i don't make sense it's only cause i'm drunk, and can't think that straight). cheers again. time for another drink. gulp. gulp. (mmmmmm....red bull and vodka) fuck i can't even see the screen straight, gotta love it. i drink once in never, and now i'm rambling. k bye!

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